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Community Organising

Here’s a collection of resources and links you’ll find helpful as we explore adaptive leadership, community organising and transformation.

PDF Summaries

Adaptive leadership summary sheet, by Peter Kaldor

Community Organizing in the Industrial Areas Foundation Tradition, by Terry Moe

Striving For Justice, John Heinemeier

Useful Resources

The Contextual Theology Centre, UK, including

Effective Organising for Congregational Renewal Mike Gecan, 2010

Just Church: Local Congregations transforming their neighbourhoods, and Heart to Heart: Community Organising and the Power of Storytelling for Churches

Effective Organising 4 Congregational Renewal, written for the Sydney Alliance.

Congregational Based Organising ELCA

Including Building Bridges Building Power, Emboldened and Empowered, Good for Soul Good for Whole, Leadership Development for Public Life