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What is Seeds of Hope?

Connecting with Our Communities

Throughout our history, people in the Uniting Church have found new ways to connect and share with our neighbours and live out God’s call in our communities. Together we care for people at all stages of their lives from play groups to aged care. We reach out to those who desperately need our help through Lifeline, homelessness assistance and drug and alcohol support. We work in small groups or as individuals, stepping out courageously in faith to follow the call of God to serve the community around us. From those small seeds of faith, we have seen many great and fruitful trees grow.

Seeds of Hope is here to share advice on how to connect more deeply with your community, provide how-to guides for popular projects and approaches, and tell stories from congregations already taking action. Whether you’re just starting out, looking for tips on where to go next, or want to share your experiences, we have something for you.

Essential Guides


Discover tips and tricks to find a project that matches your congregation’s strengths, assets and interests.


Whether your project is big or small, here are some things you’ll need to look after before you get started.


What you’ll need for anything from simple one-off events, all the way to larger ongoing projects like a community garden or alternative worship service


How to plan and run viable community services, including food banks, childcare, and other major projects.


Learn how to advocate for change in your congregation, community and the wider world.


Find potential sources of funds for your project

Find a Project Right For You

Contact us for help finding a project

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Your Stories

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  • Four Strategies for Common Good
  • Garden of Eden
  • Call to Conversation